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I never thought I would see you again.
I made you a promise a long time ago that I would protect you.

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“Being a Slytherin is about knowing the time.
The time when you need to be brave.
The time when you need to be clever.
The time when you need to be nice.
Being a Slytherin is having all of these.”
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And he is so cute too… Osric talks about how he wanted to be stunt guy, but he wasn’t good enough so he became an actor. HE STILL DOES THIS THOUGH. BECAUSE HE IS FOLLOWING HIS DREAMS. ANY. WAY. HE. CAN. 

This has been me telling you: if you don’t love Osric Chau, you are doing it wrong.

Petition for Osric Chau to play Shang-Chi

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my grandfather always had candy in his pockets, and one time when I got really sick and I was hospitalized my dad told him not to give me any candy. He pulled out his pockets to show he hadn’t even brought any and I got really sad but as soon as my dad walked out of the room he then proceeded to take off his hat and had 2 chewy chocolate candy toffees and 2 orange fanta toffees, and I’ll never forget the happiness and surprise I felt in that one moment in my entire life.

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There’s nothing to talk about.

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metatron’s opening is gorgeous he doesn’t deserve it 

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